2023-01-12: News Headlines

Eric Zuesse (2023-01-12). America's "War against Communism" Was Really a War against Advocates for the Poor. dissidentvoice.org Two examples — Korea and Indonesia — will be documented here in order to display that America's Cold War against communism was/is a cover-story, or deceptive cloak, for a war actually against the poor (and the political Left) in all nations: in other words, a fascist war, meaning that America's Government became fascist-imperialist as soon …

WSWS (2023-01-12). Former leader of the Turkish Grey Wolves assassinated. wsws.org Sinan Ateş, ex-chairman of the Grey Wolves paramilitary group linked to the fascistic Nationalist Movement Party, was murdered in central Ankara on December 30.

Shane Quinn (2023-01-12). History of World War II: Operation Barbarossa, the Allied Firebombing of German Cities and Japan's Early Conquests. globalresearch.ca The Soviets' ability to absorb and eventually overcome the Wehrmacht's blows saved humanity from the nightmare of a Nazi victory, in which case Adolf Hitler would have held dominance over much of Eurasia and perhaps further afield.

infobrics (2023-01-12). Victory in Soledar shows how Russia militarily controls the conflict. infobrics.org Using a small portion of its soldiers and resources, Moscow manages to control more and more strategic territories, imposing severe losses on the Kiev's neo-Nazi regime.

W. T. Whitney Jr. (2023-01-12). Warning: U.S. capitalism is lethal (and bad for your health). peoplesworld.org Under capitalism, industrial production and consumer buying expand. Greenhouse gases fill the atmosphere, the climate changes, and people die. U.S. leadership of global capitalism leads to wars and from there, potentially, to nuclear annihilation. There is extra dying in the United States now. According to provisional government statistics released in August, life expectancy at birth …

Robert Reich (2023-01-12). The truth about corporate subsidies. nationofchange.org Large American corporations shouldn't need government subsidies to do what's right for America.

WSWS (2023-01-12). Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pledges to "put aside" differences with Democratic leadership after Republican concessions to far right. wsws.org In the first days of 2023, the reactionary and repulsive dynamic of American capitalist politics has been on full display. The Democratic Socialists of America and its congressional representatives play a critical part of this right-wing process.

Fight Back (2023-01-12). FRSO: We demand the immediate release of PFLP leader Ahmad Sa'adat. fightbacknews.org For nearly 20 years, the steadfast fighter for Palestinian liberation and general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa'adat, has endured imprisonment. Freedom Road Socialist Organization is proud to add its voice to the worldwide movement demanding the Israeli occupiers immediately release Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners. | PFLP leader Ahmad Sa'adat is a hero who has committed his entire life to freeing all of Palestine. He is an outstanding revolutionary and Marxist-Leninist. His courage and commitment stand as an example to everyone who yearns for a future free o…

WSWS (2023-01-12). Striking UK ambulance workers speak. wsws.org World Socialist Web Site reporters spoke with striking ambulance workers Wednesday. Ambulance workers in Wales will strike next Thursday, and in England and Wales on the 23rd.

Stephen Matthews (2023-01-12). Rishi Sunak Leads Condemnation of Tory MP Who Claimed COVID Vaccine Was 'the Biggest Crime Against Humanity Since the Holocaust': Andrew Bridgen Is Suspended by Party for Anti-vaxxer Twitter Rant and Warned He May Have 'Blood on His Hands'. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-01-12). China plans 60-plus space launches in 2023. ecns.cn The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is expected to have more than 50 launches, and other Chinese space enterprises will have more than 10 launches.

Tracey Carpenter (2023-01-12). Menindee Elder says private water ownership to blame for Darling River flooding. greenleft.org.au Ngiyampaa elder Dr Beryl Carmichael says record flooding on the Darling River is caused by bad policies including the privatisation of water. Tracey Carpenter reports.

Ahmed Adel (2023-01-12). Hungary to Block Kosovo's EU and Council of Europe Membership Application. globalresearch.ca

Editor (2023-01-11). For Lula, Fighting Against Fascism and For Economic Justice is Nothing New. scheerpost.com Having fought for labor rights under a dictatorship, the Brazilian president once again faces a violent far-right movement bent on blocking his pro-worker, pro-democracy agenda.

Sharon Zhang (2023-01-11). GOP Votes to Form Committee to Investigate Officials Who Have Investigated Trump. truthout.org On Tuesday, House Republicans voted to form a committee to supposedly investigate the bunk conspiracy theory that they have been planting for years that the right is being oppressed by the federal government — a committee that will almost certainly be used to advance the neofascism that has been increasingly embraced by mainstream Republicans. The formation of the committee passed on party lines… |

WSWS (2023-01-11). Seditious conspiracy trial of Proud Boys who led January 6 assault begins. wsws.org Five members of the fascist militia group are facing serious charges for spearheading the assault on Congress as part of Trump's failed coup.

Unicorn Riot (2023-01-11). Neo-Nazi Group Golden Dawn Makes Resurgence in Greece. unicornriot.ninja

Kaden Thaxton (2023-01-11). Climate change, capitalism threaten food security for millions in Texas. liberationnews.org At the heart of the issue is capitalist big agriculture.

fvorinoco (2023-01-11). Venezuela: Rentier Capitalism and the Project for Change (Part 1). orinocotribune.com By Carlos Dàºrich Jan 9, 2023 | The Bolivarian process went through various phases in its almost three decades of existence. Part one of a historical analysis of the evolution of the dynamics of the class struggle in Chavista Venezuela. | "To historically articulate that past does not mean to know it 'as it truly was.' It means taking possession of a memory as it flashes at the moment of danger." | Walter Benjamin, Thesis VI, Theses on the philosophy of history. | The emergence of rentier capitalism | Every revolutionary movement, paraphrasing Marx, has to draw tactics and strategies for struggle from…

Oleg Yasinsky (2023-01-11). Réquiem por un sueño: a cien años de la fundación de la URSS. peoplesworld.org Pertenezco a una generación privilegiada. Nací a finales de los años 60 en Kiev, la capital de una Ucrania soviética y socialista, y tuve la suerte de pasar los años de mi infancia, adolescencia y hasta mi juventud en un país satanizado como ningún otro en la historia de la humanidad: la URSS. Un recuerdo …

Steve Lalla (2023-01-11). Peru: US-Backed Coup Regime Has Murdered 46 Demonstrators. orinocotribune.com By Steve Lalla Jan 10, 2023 | In Peru, the death toll has risen to at least 46 following the December 7 US-backed coup overthrowing democratically elected socialist President Pedro Castillo. | On January 9 alone, at least 18 were killed by the coup regime's security forces in Juliaca. Peru is now mobilized in a national general strike, with demonstrators demanding the return of the president they elected, Pedro Castillo, imprisoned without trial since the coup. Video footage has

unitedEditor (2023-01-11). An assessment of 100 Years of the USSR. uwidata.com The USSR's most important contribution to humanity The most important contribution of the Soviet Union to humanity is that for the first time the Scientific Socialist theory was put into practice in a country, proving in practice that socialism can be constructed. The USSR became the most important model of the ideal of an equal, …

T Regenauer, A Landgraf & V Grossmann (2023-01-11). Cacophony of Corporatism, Subsidies & Inheritance Tax. indybay.org History is written by the winners. In times of total digitalization, the civilizational kamikaze course to the periphery of a Third World War harbors unprecedented risks. After all, the Orwellian "memory hole" has long been a reality and could soon lead to subsequent generations no longer being able to develop any awareness at all of what it means to lead a free and dignified life.

ecns.cn (2023-01-11). Chinese firms' role in global economy bigger. ecns.cn Chinese enterprises, both State-owned and private, are striving to play a bigger role in promoting global economic development and will further accelerate their steps going global.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-01-11). Atilio Boron: Judicial-Media Tyranny Strangles Latin America. libya360.wordpress.com Renowned Argentine sociologist and author Atilio Boron joins The Grayzone to discuss the legal assault on his country's former president, Cristina Kirchner, the attempts to sabotage leaders from Brazil's Lula da Silva to Peru's Pedro Castillo, and the elite forces behind what he considers a continent-wide program akin to the notoriously bloody Cold War-era Plan…

Jake Johnson (2023-01-11). 'The sheer greed is obscene': Moderna plans 4,000% markup for COVID vaccine. nationofchange.org "We need to learn from this pandemic and break big pharma's monopolies."

Ali Abunimah (2023-01-11). How Carrefour profits from Israel's war crimes. electronicintifada.net Labour unions and rights groups in France and Palestine want the retailer to end its partnership with settlement profiteers.

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