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2023-01-09: News Headlines

Antonio C.S. Rosa (2023-01-09). With Echoes of Jan. 6, Thousands of Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Presidential Offices. transcend.org 9 Jan 2023 – "The insurrection in Brazil can be directly tied to Trump and the Republicans' emboldening of fascism and violent extremism," said one progressive U.S. lawmaker. Lula was in Sà£o Paulo at the time of the attack and Congress was not in session.

Sarah Anderson (2023-01-09). For Lula, Fighting Against Fascism and For Economic Justice is Nothing New. inequality.org

Editor (2023-01-09). Honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King: Unite to fight racism, fascism and war. mronline.org Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said in 1967, "The bombs dropped on Vietnam explode at home." Malcolm X expressed something similar when he said, "Chickens come home to roost."

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-01-09). The Bubble of Prejudice vs the Light of Hope in China's COVID Fight. libya360.wordpress.com Editorial Comment: I have only praise for China's response to Covid and their commitment to internationalism. My condemnation of Covid policies has been solely directed at Western nations (and the faux left supporting fascism and imperialism) that have exploited the pandemic to further anti-democratic agendas, extensively violate human rights, and promote dangerous escalations of military…

Antonio C.S. Rosa (2023-01-09). Brazil Protests: Lula Vows to Punish 'Neo-Fascists' after Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Congress. transcend.org 9 Jan 2023 – President tours scene of riot and orders federal government to take control of policing in capital Brasília as extremists refuse to accept his presidency.

Antonio C.S. Rosa (2023-01-09). U.S. Spreads Misery across the Globe Imposing Sanctions on a Third of Humanity. transcend.org The U.S. may try piously to defend sanctions as a 'response to foreign tyranny,' but they are really a pretext to steal foreign bank accounts and cripple commercial rivals of U.S. corporations–a true fascist tyranny.

C.J. Atkins (2023-01-09). Bolsonaro supporters execute Jan. 6-style fascist coup attempt in Brazil. peoplesworld.org In a scene reminiscent of the Trump coup attempt of Jan. 6, 2021, supporters of defeated Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tried to pull off their own overthrow of democracy on Sunday by storming the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the presidential palace. Thousands of right-wing demonstrators muscled their way past light security in the capital …

José Luis Granados Ceja (2023-01-09). Venezuela's Maduro Denounces 'Neo-Fascist' Coup Attempt in Brazil. venezuelanalysis.com The Brasilia events could lead to a long destabilization campaign by right-wing forces as has been done by their counterparts in Venezuela and Bolivia.

One People's Project (2023-01-09). Alex Stokes Should Not Be in Prison. itsgoingdown.org Report from One People's Project about the case of antifascist prisoner, Alex Stokes, who faces 20 years for defending counter-protesters on January 6th in Albany, New York. On Friday, many in the nation observed the second anniversary of what might have been the biggest threat to democracy since perhaps the Civil War: the Insurrection at…

infobrics (2023-01-09). Ukrainian forces provoke Russia despite Moscow's effort for religious armistice. infobrics.org Kiev's rejection of Christmas truce shows that the neo-Nazi regime does not want any type of dialogue.

Antonio C.S. Rosa (2023-01-09). Brazil's Lula: "Join Us in a Great Collective Effort against Inequality" transcend.org 6 Jan 2023 – In a landmark inauguration speech, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva lays out his agenda for a more just Brazil and a new internationalism.

Federico Fuentes (2023-01-09). Brazil: Socialists say 'Stop the coup offensive' as extreme right protesters storm Congress. greenleft.org.au Brazil's Socialism and Liberty Party has condemned the invasion by former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro supporters of the country's National Congress, arguing it "represents an attempted coup d'état", reports Federico Fuentes.

Ahmed D Dardir (2023-01-09). Jean-Luc Godard's Revolution: Marxism, Palestine and the Working Classes. globalresearch.ca

Bill Fletcher Jr. (2023-01-08). "Thirst" Updates the Vampire Genre for Our Age of Rising Fascism. truthout.org Let's start with my admission that I do not read horror. While I loved all of the Alien films and I was enthralled by the Blade trilogy, it is typically not a genre I seek out. Nicholas Powers changed all that with his new novel, Thirst. What attracted me at first was not the content but the author. Nicholas Powers is an exceptionally good writer whose political and cultural commentaries on the… |

Staff (2023-01-08). Activist Silenced for Questioning German Support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis (Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin Statement). orinocotribune.com Caracas, January 8, 2023 ( Among those organizations is the Coop Anti-War Café Berlin. One of its organizers, Heinrich Buecker, now faces criminal charges that could result in a punishment of up to three years in prison or fines.This is…

Steve Lalla (2023-01-08). Blows Against the Empire—2022 In Memoriam. orinocotribune.com By Steve Lalla &#1 ; Jan 6, 2023 | Throughout 2022, monopoly capitalism, with the US at its core, continued to erode from within and buckle under pressure exerted by sovereign states and peoples' movements alike. Relentless blows reigned down on the empire. These were some of the most memorable: | January 30: Prior to the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the leaders of China and Russia meet, the first visit between Xi Jinping and any world leader in over two years. A Russia—China joint statement heralded the dawning of a "new era," warned against "the negative impact of the United States' Indo-Pacific strategy o…

Marc Saxer, Rainer Hank (2023-01-08). Battle for Social Democracy and Unfettered Capitalism. indybay.org Two opposing schools of thought face each other at the sickbed: neoliberalism and social democracy. But didn't the death-bells of neoliberalism ring in the course of the financial market crisis? Were not neoliberals unmasked as charlatans who first caused the whole mess with their deregulation medicine?

mforinoco (2023-01-08). United States: Two Barrels Aim at African People's Socialist Party. orinocotribune.com Green Party leader and Cuba solidarity activist Don Fitz writes about the US DOJ repression against the African People's Socialist Party. | With new FBI and Department of "Justice" (DOJ) attacks expected in early January, a defense, mobilization and information session attracted hundreds of allies of the African People's Socialist Party (APSP). On December 23, 2022, they zoomed into the "Emergency Mass Meeting: Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa!" The APSP told its supporters that it expects indictments in early January and possibly sooner. | Indictments could include many more than the four names listed as "unind…

Staff (2023-01-08). El descanso de los hebreos. cubadebate.cu Los restos del cineasta cubano Saúl Yelín y un monumento con seis jabones fabricados con grasa de víctimas del holocausto, se encuentran en la necrópolis hebrea de Guanabacoa, la más antigua de su tipo en el país.

ecns.cn (2023-01-08). Pakistani PM hails China's great help for flood relief aid. ecns.cn Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has appreciated China and Chinese enterprises' great help to the flood-affected people of the country.

F. Douglas Stephenson (2023-01-08). Big Pharma spent more on Stock Buybacks and Dividends than on Research and Development even during COVID. juancole.com Gainesville, Florida (Special to Informed Comment) &#1 ; The 14 largest publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies spent $747 billion on stock buybacks and dividends from 2012 through 2021 — substantially more than the $660 billion they spent on research and development. So argue economists William Lazonick, professor emeritus of economics at University of Massachusetts, and àñner Tulum, a …

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