2023-11-12: News Headlines

WSWS (2023-11-11). Macron's ministers, French neo-fascists join hands in pro-Israel rally. wsws.org French imperialism's support for Israel's genocidal war on Gaza goes hand in hand with a campaign to legitimize fascistic and colonialist oppression at home.

english.almanar.com.lb (2023-11-11). Hezbollah mourns Martyr Abbas Nazir Al-Rashaini from Al-Hermel, Beqaa, who sacrificed his life while fulfilling his Jihadi duty "all the way to Al-Quds" english.almanar.com.lb

teleSUR, JCM (2023-11-11). Sánchez confirma que asumirá el Gobierno español la próxima semana. telesurtv.net El presidente del Gobierno en funciones pidió al PP "cordura y mesura" después de una semana de protestas ante las sedes socialistas en varias ciudades de España.

The Lancet (2023-11-11). Editorial] Gambling: a harmful commodity. thelancet.com Gambling is often seen as a bit of harmless fun: a light-hearted flutter on a sporting event or a quick try with a scratch card. But gambling harms physical and mental health and can do wider damage to societies. One study suggests that past-year problem gambling affects 0 ∑1—5 ∑8% of adults globally. When measured in quality-adjusted life-years, the burden of harm from gambling in some countries is similar to that of depression and alcohol, mostly resulting from financial loss, damage to relationships and health, mental distress, and adverse effects on work and education, disproportionately affecti…

WSWS (2023-11-11). Australian High Court partly overturns indefinite detentions. wsws.org This saga sheds further light on how far the political and judicial establishment has gone in blatantly violating even the most limited protections of legal rights contained in Australia's reactionary 1901 Constitution.

Editor (2023-11-11). Nov 11, 2023. sitrepworld.info ‚ô´ Bob Marley — Wake Up and Live What international order? by Thierry Meyssan SC Edit'l: Ukraine Proxy War & Gaza Genocide Fatally Expose Western Hypocrisy and Moral Bankruptcy Douglas Macgregor Predicts a Future War (Video) Tacitus: "Make a Desert and Call It Peace," by Eric Margolis Israel's stranglehold on US foreign policy must be identified and eliminated, by Philip Giraldi Gaza Is Not the US/Israeli Target, by Paul Craig Roberts Both-Sidesing The Gaza Issue Is A Sign Of Psychological Immaturity, by Caitlin Johnstone Biden Visits Hitler's Bunker, Sends for a Decorator: Israel and Ukra…

ecns.cn (2023-11-11). 6th CIIE receives largest U.S. enterprises delegation. ecns.cn The sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) has seen the participation of over 200 companies from the U.S., including major companies such as Ford, Tesla, Merck, and Johnson & Johnson, making it the largest U.S. delegation in history.

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